Payment methods

  • COD. You have the opportunity to pay in cash upon delivery of the order at your place.
  • Bank deposit. The shipment of the order will remain pending until the financial settlement is settled. Immediately after my notification, your order will be placed immediately.
    • IBAN: GR9401405510551002340024435
    • Beneficiary: Argyropoulou Anastasia of Dimitriou
  • Immediate payment, during the process of your order through virtual pos. The cards that are accepted for payment via virtual pos are those that bear the Visa & MasterCard mark as well as GCB, CUP. AMERICAN EXPRESS is not accepted.

Shipping charges

  • Shipments within the borders of Greece will be made completely free.
  • For Cyprus the extra charge will be 14 €. (together with VAT).
  • For the countries of the European Union the additional charge will be 24.80€ (including VAT).
  • Other countries, USA, the extra charge will be 27€ (including VAT).
  • Shipments both inside Greece and abroad, will be carried out in the fastest and safest possible way.

Return policy

Return policy of Silver Silk allows you yo return the item within 5 days (Monday – Friday) on condition that it will be unused and exactly in the same state which you received the item. Also it will be placed inside a mailing box which you received and will necessarily contain the sales receipt.When I receive the item and within 24 hours,I shall act upon the change ,the exchange or the refund ,if it’s possible.

Damages are not recognised.

Each scarf that departures from Silver Silk ,is with no proviso and guaranteed of its finest quality from every aspect and free from faults.

Further more information for question solving will be given to you through personal contact or by e-mail. I’m in care to you ,in personal ,to help with the most effective way.

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