ABOUT The designer

My name is Natasa Argyropoulou and I was born in Hammond Lace of U.S.A, were I lived my first girlhood. In 1983 we moved with my family to Greece.

As a teenager I realised that my glance to things distinguished colours, shapes and forms. Whatever I could illustrate on paper gave me pleasure. That‘s when you adventure began. Black hands from carbons, walls of my house drawn with drawings and endless motion in front of artworks!

Art was and will be for me a unique way to intervene into space – time, to create “other” realities and to live “our faity tale” with the most creative way. Art has these magical qualities…

MY Connection with art

In 1988 I‘m accepted at the Athens School of Fine Arts. (Α.Σ.Κ.Τ.) from where I inherited treasures. Morals which I follow and apply to everything I have acted until now in my life. I graduated in 2003. I have been involved with scenography, theatrical costume, with special crafts, with the lecturing of private lessons in freehand drawing and the creation of handmade jewellery. Colour is my biggest passion. Colour an my two children!

My first connection with the digital design changed my worldview about the traditional ways of drawing and design. It enraptured me. It led me to draw the woman of our days ,bearing in mind my own needs. The woman who seeks a small luxury and deserves for all that she offers.

I asked myself what can add visual touches to the appearance of the modern woman. To wear something like a jewel and be comparably glamorous. To transform and improve her style depending on the way she will wear it from morning to night and covering all her needs of activities maintaining her appearance classy and unique. The answer was simple. I will surrender myself to the game like a child and I ‘ll live the fairy tale again.I will live along the way… I will be happy… and so will you…

MY Scarves of art

The collection of Silver Silk scarves has been drawn exclusively with the digital way, with all the passion that permeates me, with the colour, the creativity, the technology when it is married with art, the usable and non accessory the organic fabrics.

They are printed with the digital printed way on 100% pure silk from Soufli. A place which is the heart of Greek silk and a source of inspiration for many Greek and foreign fashion houses and leading creators.

Two qualities of natural silk have been used :

  • Crepe Satin. 100gr
  • Twill. 102gr

The glow that the fabrics send out in their natural form ,before receiving the colour, gave rise to the idea of the brand!

After painting the shapes on the fabric, what follows is the artwork procedure of the ends which is accomplished by hand for more accuracy and tastefulness. Afterwards it is ironed and placed of course in a luxurious casket which will be the “drawer of your treasure”…!

Each scarf for me is considered a canvas in which I have put faith in something from my imagination, my moments that I want to share with all you separately. When someone’s creation hides behind it, the reaction of an artwork, when all the feelings are conveyed into the hands of the addressed, the thoughts, the urges of the creator, then everything is transfigured into connection…

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